A Complete Guide to Roofer’s Public Liability Insurance

Roofer’s Public Liability Insurance

Roofers have the most challenging jobs. On a daily basis, their tasks are fraught with inevitable risks. Aside from dealing with heights, such experts also usually slate and tile roof or perform thatching.

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Amid the risks involved in performing roofing jobs, many insurance companies have come up with policies that are specific for roofers. Solo traders or those who are working alone (more like freelancers) or employers who head a team of other roofing experts can rely on customizable insurance products that would cover the risks related to their occupation.

When it comes to roofers’ insurance, policies with public liability coverage are the most ideal. Public liability insurance products are designed to cover costs in case a third party is injured or any property is damaged while job tasks are being performed.

Understanding Public Liability Insurance More

Accidents are inevitable and those are more likely to be incurred when performing challenging jobs like those of roofers. A public liability insurance could bring about peace of mind to any roofing professional as it ensures that every cost is covered if a customer or other people suffer loss or even injury because of the performance of roofing activities.

The public liability policy could also cover the costs of any subsequent legal expense or even possible compensation claims. This is what makes it an integral investment for roofing businesses that regularly interact with clients and the public.

The Policy’s Important Coverage

As mentioned, this insurance would cover all costs incurred when accidents and damages to properties happen during operations. To illustrate, if a roofer was hired to perform re-tiling of a roof and water damage is incurred after due to possible water protection failure during roofing, the customer has the right to file a claim for possible compensation, which would cover repairs. In such a case, the insurance takes care of all costs. But, you should always take proper safety measures.

The public liability insurance for roofers can even cover the possible death of an employee or a third-party individual if tragic incidences happen during work time. It also shoulders expenses for repair and replacement of damaged machines or properties. Legal expenses that may arise from any setback related to the roofing operations would also be covered.

Although the law may not require having this type of insurance, it is highly advisable for roofers to own such a policy. Many clients also prefer doing business with roofers or roofing companies that are protected by such a policy.

Reminders When Taking Insurance for Roofers

Public liability insurance is recommended for roofers. If you have finally decided to get such a policy, be sure to carefully discuss the options first with your insurance agent, who may provide you guidance on how to ideally customize your coverage.

Carefully read the policy documents to fully understand terms and conditions as well as existing exclusions. If you employ a team in your roofing business, be sure your public liability insurance also includes equipment protection (covers replacement of worn machines) and employers’ liability (a legal obligation that covers costs of protection for workers or subordinates).

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