Life Insurance for Stay at Home Moms

life insurance for stay at home moms

It is believed that stay at home mothers should definitely have life insurance. However, the recommendation is to go for term life insurance for stay at home moms because it is a lot cheaper than permanent life insurance which is far more expensive than it should be. Parents must be insured because their children will need to live a decent lifestyle, even if their parents are already gone. They need their educational and personal expenses covered. It is also considered that only those parents who bring income to the house need life insurance coverage. Is it true that stay at home moms need no life protection because they bring no income to the family? The truth is that their task limits to home maintenance and children growth and education, but in terms of life insurance, there are a few essential things to keep in mind.

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Why stay at home moms need life protection?

Imagine that a stay at home mom dies. Who will take care of the children and home maintenance? Who will replace her to do the laundry job and everything else that enters the tasks of a stay at home mother? Considering these realistic and simple facts, do you still believe that there is no need for life insurance for stay at home moms?

Stay at home mothers really need life insurance, because everything they do in the house, they put real value into this task. The same thing is valid for the care of the children and her husband. If the mother passes away, the responsibilities will have to be transferred to the father’s tasks. The husband brings the income and has his own responsibilities, but when a stay at home mom passes away, he will have to bare her responsibilities in the same time. Hopefully, this is something that will never happen in any of your families (God help!), but these things can perfectly highlight why life insurance for stay at home moms is indeed a wise decision.

The importance of life insurance for single mothers

Single moms’ situation is even harder. They have to work full-time, maintain the house and grow and educate their children. For single moms, it is most generally difficult to pay someone to do the home maintenance tasks and take care of the children, while single mothers are working full-time. It is most probably that paying a person to take the mother’s tasks would not be cheap at all. Therefore, life insurance for single mothers is as important as life protection for married stay at home moms.

How much life insurance does a stay at home mom need?

Husbands should show care to their wives in terms of life insurance because when a stay at home mom passes away, the expenses that will have to be covered are high. It is up to you to decide how much life insurance for stay at home moms is needed, depending on the personal needs of each of your children as well as you and your husband’s needs. And when you calculate how much to pay monthly, you will be surprised how little amounts will have to be paid for a stay at home mom’s life protection. The conclusion is that life insurance for stay at home moms is not only beneficial and cheap but a great investment in the same time.

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